About Me

Why The Name Ninja Killer Productions?

The name Ninja Killer is the nickname my boys started calling me when we began playing a game called airsoft. They thought it was funny because I was older and heavier than them, but I could still keep up with them. The nickname stuck and everyone began calling me the Ninja Killer. So naturally, when I began my video production company, I felt it should be called Ninja Killer Productions in honor of my children.

Why did I start Ninja Killer Productions?

I started Ninja Killer Productions because capturing and editing video is something that I am very passionate about. My passion for video editing began in 2000 after my father passed away. The pastor that would lead the funeral service asked my brothers and I if any of us would like to speak about our father the day of the service. None of us could do it. He meant too much to us. So one day while sitting at my computer, I looked at the scanner and thought about scanning some photos of him. So I did. Then I began placing the photos into PowerPoint. A tribute video was born. I remember how much better I felt after making the video. I had a voice for my father. I don’t use PowerPoint anymore but every time I see it on my computer I remember where it all began.

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